Island Teak offers a limited supply of old growth Burma Teak and specializes in custom orders. Our teak is of FEQ quality, clear with no sapwood and milled in Canada with either figure showing or quartersawn.

Our Services

  • 1. Custom Grates

    Island Teak provides custom sized grates for cockpit soles, cockpit seating, shower floors etc. We start with teak battens that are 3/8 x 1-3/4 inches with the top edges rounded. All screw fasteners are stainless steel.

  • 2. Custom Tabletops

    Island Teak manufactures either solid teak or teak and maple table tops of any width and length. We use 3/4 x 1-3/4 inch teak and 3/4 inch x 3/8 inch wide Eastern maple for that traditional Teak & Holly look.

  • 3. DIY Teak Decking @ Milled Teak in all dimensions.

    Quarter sawn (VG) teak decking in 1/8 or 1/4 and 3/8 inch thickness by 1-1/2 to 1-7/8 inches wide. Lengths to 8 feet. Sanded 4 sides or with a milled radius on two sides.

    DIY teak lumber. Clear, old growth Burma Teak in lengths to 8 ft., thicknesses from 3/8" to 1.0 inch and widths up to 12". Free of heart center and no sapwood.

    Send us your ideal dimensions and we will come as close as our inventory allows.

True Teak Oil

  • True Teak Oil

True Teak Oil

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Did you know that most 'teak oils' are up to 70 % kerosene with linseed oil? There's nothing 'teak' about it. 
That's why Island Teak's True Teak Oil is just that, a teak oil. We've created the only teak oil in the world that contains oils and waxes extracted from resin rich, old growth teak wood. It is highly water repellent and when used on furniture it won't leave water rings on fine furniture. Ideally suited for interior, exterior and especially marine use. Easy to apply with a clean cotton cloth and then buffed to a a soft glow on any species of wood. Additional layers increase the depth of luster. Do not apply in direct sunlight, but when hardened is UV light resistant.

Our Story

Island Teak and owner, Ken Chaytor, has been in the teak trade since 2001 when he bought his first container of Burma Teak timbers. He's shipped teak timbers from Southern Myanmar, Northern Myanmar, China, Singapore, and Malaysia. All milling and manufacturing is done by himself and crew on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Our Point of Difference

  • 1. We sell some of the last legal, old growth Burma teak in North America.

    Sourcing old growth Burma teak in North America has become very difficult due to recent over harvesting and the justified trade sanctions placed on the country with the last remaining natural forests. Over the years we have set aside pieces that were quite rare due to their size, color and figure. We are now selling these remaining pieces and when sold this quality will no longer be available. Some of these larger pieces were selectively logged with elephants 15 years ago.

  • 2. We sell old growth teak which is superior in quality to plantation teak

    Old growth teak means it is a tree with at least 100 years of growth and rich in natural oils and waxes which allows teak to be nearly impervious to harsh conditions. Mature teak has always been the primary wood for shipbuilding since the age of maritime trade. Plantation teak is the same species, but it is harvested very young at about 30 years of growth or less. It is fertilized and cared for to stimulate growth resulting in wide growth rings of 3 to the inch compared to old growth with 18 - 26 growth rings per inch. Plantation teak costs less because it simply has not matured and cannot provide the qualities that old growth is prized for. If plantation teak was left to grow naturally and to a mature age before harvesting it would be just a good as Burma teak. Unfortunately, it is not.

Customer Testimonials

"Thank you for your fine work Ken. Our cockpit grate looks beautiful !"

- Geoff & Marie R

"The swim platform you built for us is certainly being enjoyed by our grandkids and makes loading gear far easier for me".

- Tom J

"Thank you for including your teak oil with our order. It is excellent.

- Louise C

The above is a sample of available old growth teak. Send Island Teak your ideal dimensions and we will strive to find a piece that matches as close as possible to what you require. Minimum order $100.00