Why Island Teak

Sourcing old growth Burma Teak in North America has become very difficult due to the trade sanctions placed on the country with the remaining natural forests. Island Teak was fortunate in acquiring some of the last legal teak imports. Over the years we have set aside pieces that were quite rare due to their size, color and figure. We are now selling these remaining pieces and when sold this quality will no longer be available.

Island Teak has over 20 years of experience specialising in the creation of teak components for boats. I believe we have built, at one time or another, every teak component found on most pleasure boats.

At Island Teak we do not provide estimates, we provide a fixed price and a completion date that can be relied upon.

When ordering a finished piece of teak lumber for your project we ask you to give us your ideal dimensions, which we then go through our inventory to find the closest dimensions that match what we have to what you require. High quality, old growth teak is expensive and we strive to insure that you are not purchasing much more than you need. When the piece we have available is larger than your ideal dimensions we ship that off cut with your order. We believe you will eventually find a place on your or your friend's boat to use that extra piece of teak.