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True Teak Oil

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Did you know that most 'teak oils' are up to 70 % kerosene with linseed oil? There's nothing 'teak' about it. 
That's why Island Teak's True Teak Oil is just that, a teak oil. We've created the only teak oil in the world that contains oils and waxes extracted from resin rich, old growth teak wood. It is highly water repellent and when used on furniture it won't leave water rings on fine furniture. Ideally suited for interior, exterior and especially marine use. Easy to apply with a clean cotton cloth and then buffed to a a soft glow on any species of wood. Additional layers increase the depth of luster. Do not apply in direct sunlight, but when hardened is UV light resistant.

Customer Testimonials

"Long lasting and incredibly easy to apply. As it's food grade, I use this routinely on my cutting board".

- Aleah C

"Perfect for boat decking and significantly superior to other oils on the market."

- Joss S

"The best teak oil i've ever used. I've gone through 3 bottles over the years."

- John M