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 How to Order 

Teak Swim Platform Kit

How to Order

Design and build your own swim platform with solid teak components!

The finished swim platform at left is 1-5/8" thick x 19" wide x 96" long and weighs 62 pounds. It consists of 10 through lengths @ 96 " with 18 spacers @ 18 " each, 18 spacers @ 12'' each and also the 2 end caps @ 1-3/4'' x 24'' each. An example price for a swim platform kit with these particular teak components is $673.70. Finished retail price $1266.00

Determining what you need:

Measure the beam (width) of your boat at the level you intend the swim platform to be attached. Your swim platform should be an inch or so shorter than the boat's width at that point. The swim platform can be made up with as many components as you want as long as you consider your support system. Typical swim platforms extend between 18 to 24 inches.

We do not supply support brackets for the swim platform kits, as most supports tend to be unique to the boat. For a curved transom where you want the platform to be flush with the curve we can supply an additional wider piece of teak which you can shape to the curve of the transom and then attach to the swim platform. We also supply thicker teak to accommodate a beveled transom. You would determine the slope of your transom and then cut that angle to match the bevel of your transom and then attach to the swim platform with epoxy and stainless steel screws.

Teak Swim Platform Components

Through Lengths
1 inch x 1-3/4 inches x 96 inches @ $contact
1 inch x 1-3/4 inches x 108 inches @ $contact.

Spacer Lengths
1 inch x 1-3/4 inches x 12 inches @ $contact.
1 inch x 1-3/4 inches x 18 inches @ $contact.
1 inch x 1-3/4 inches x 24 inches @ $contact.

End Caps
1-3/4 inches x 1-3/4 inches x 24 inches @ $contact.
1-3/4 inches x 1-3/4 inches x 30 inches @ $contact.
1-3/4 inches x 3.0 inches x 24 inches @ $contact.
1-3/4 inches x 3.0 inches x 30 inches @ $contact.

Assembly Instructions

  • Attach straight edge (2x4) to level work surface and cover work surface with plastic sheeting.

  • Scrub teak components with a clear solvent similar to methyl hydrate to remove surface oils.

  • Layout teak components 'dry' according to your desired spacing, square the ends and draw a reference mark through each component for easy alignment. Mark positions of spacer components onto the through lengths to show where to apply epoxy and where not to apply epoxy.

  • Using a 1 '' diameter drill bit you can easily make concave rounds on the spacer ends.

  • Apply 2 part epoxy resin similar to West Systems to both the through lengths of teak and the spacers, line up your reference marks, hold down to insure they are level to each other and screw with stainless steel screws. It is messy work, but straight forward and easy to do. On the last through piece you will want these screws to be covered with a teak plug so drill a 3/8'' diameter hole first and then screw together and plug.

  • When epoxy is hardened use a combination of belt sander and orbital sanders to create a smooth and level surface. Access to a stationary planer or drum thickness sander will quicken this process.

  • Trim the ends of the platform either square or tapered.

  • Countersink the screws on the end caps and insert teak plugs.

  • Use a router to ease the edges of all sides and around each platform opening.

  • For finishing We use our in house Island Teak True Teak Oil.

Contact: Ken Chaytor  |  tel. # 250 240-4865  |