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Teak Boat Decking

Teak Decking

Teak Boat Decking
Teak Boat Decking

How to Order

Our standard dimensions are 3/8 inch thick by 1-7/8 and 1-1/2 inches wide.

Island Teak boat decking comes sanded on 3 sides, leaving the underside rough for better adhesion to your subdeck. Air dried to below 12 % moisture content.

We will provide deck laying advice upon request. Our aim is to provide the best quality for price of teak decking and to assist our clients in creating a well laid deck.

Custom lengths are available.


D1   3/8 '' x 1-7/8'' x 96'' Burma Teak boat decking @ $7.95 per lin. ft.

D2   3/8'' x 1-7/8'' x 48'' Burma Teak boat decking @ $7.95 per lin. ft.

To determine the number of pieces of teak decking required, measure the width of the deck to be laid and divide by 2.06 (round off to the higher number). This width includes the 3/16" wide caulking gap that separates the teak decking.

The next step is to measure the length of the deck and multiply that length by the number of decking pieces determined by the width.

Example: A deck 32 inches wide will need 16 pieces of decking. A 32 inch wide deck divided by 2.06 = 15.54 (16 pieces).

If the deck length is 24 feet long it will require 384 linear feet of decking or 48 pieces that are 8 feet long.

Example: A 24 ft.deck x 16 pieces = 384 linear feet of decking. 384 divided by 8 = 48 pieces of 8 ft.long teak decking.

When the number of pieces have been determined, we can then calculate the shipping cost based on weight and distance.

Wider pieces of decking-quality teak for use as margin boards, king planks etc. can be custom milled upon request.
Contact: Ken Chaytor  |  tel. # 250 240-4865  |