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Island Teak Decking System for Light Displacement Boats

How to Order

Island Teak Decking is a unique and authentic teak decking system designed for all boats where weight is a consideration.

The Island Teak Decking System is ideally suited for installation on fiberglass decks to add the confident beauty of true teak while providing secure footing and an easier surface to keep clean than typical white fiberglass decks.

Island Teak Decking is lighter in weight and more cost effective than traditional teak decking with superior qualities to the many teak imitation products.

Island Teak Decking is milled into 1/4" or 3/8' thick x 1-7/8" wide solid teak battens with the surface edges eased to a 1/4" radius.

Island Teak Decking is then adhered to our own uniquely blended, flexible, black pigmented fiberglass sheeting and spaced to leave an open gap between each teak batten. This separation gap is to allow splash water to quickly drain away to keep your feet drier and to provide more secure footing than a traditional teak deck.

The Island Teak Decking System in 1/4" teak thickness weighs 17 ounces per square foot.


Making templates:

We like to work from your own template, as we have found changes sometimes occur within model types of different vintages.

How to make a template:
It is far easier than you would think. Most boats with fiberglass decks have a raised non skid surface. Our decking system fits to that non skid surface. To make a template of your deck, purchase a roll of light weight paper, some clear tape and a few dark coloured wax crayons.

Cut the paper to fit the area of your non skid surface and tape it securely in place. Once secured, lightly rub the dark crayon over the outer edges of the non skid area. It is best to use the side of the wax crayon rather than the pointed end. You will immediately see the surface of the non skid show up on your paper template. This is called a 'rubbing'.

When you have the perimeters accurately marked in, simply role up the templates and send it in a mailing tube to:
By courier to: Island Teak, 210 Cochrane Rd. Unit 4
Qualicum Beach, B.C.
Canada V9K 1Z4 By Mail to: Island Teak, P.O. Box # 352 Station Main, Qualicum Beach, B.C., Canada V9K 1S8

Adhering the decking:

Island Teak Decking has a rough sanded fiberglass undersurface which you can easily adhere to the fiberglass deck surface. Slightly rough sand the raised non skid area of your deck with 60 grit sandpaper and then wash the area down with a solvent to remove grease dirt etc..

When dry, apply an adhesive that is designed for bonding fiberglass to fiberglass, such as epoxy resin or a polyurethane type adhesive. Once applied, the decking should be firmly held in place until the adhesive has set. This is easily done with heavy duty plastic bags filled with sand to evenly distribute the weight over the area required.
Contact: Ken Chaytor  |  tel. # 250 240-4865  |