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Island Teak Tung Nut Butter

350 ml / 12 oz. jar
$32.95 USD
Covers approximately 144 square feet
Shipping $7.00 Anywhere in U.S. or Canada.
Total: $39.95 USD

Tung Nut Butter is food safe, consumer friendly and ideally suited for sealing and polishing fine woods in both residential interiors or on exposed marine wood surfaces, without containing any petroleum products or added chemical drying agents.

Tung Nut Butter hardens to form a UV light resistant, elastic finish that will not chip or crack.

Tung Nut Butter consists of 100% pure tung oil, which has been transformed to allow it to be far easier to apply and harden more quickly than 100% pure tung oil.

Island Teak simply made an excellent, natural product a bit better, naturally.

  • For best applications apply Tung Nut Butter to finely sanded bare wood with a clean cotton cloth in a 'French Polish' style (multiple thin layers).
  • Start with approximately 1/2 teaspoon per square foot. Work the Tung Nut Butter into the grain of the wood in circular motions, going both with and against the grain.
  • Let it 'set' for 1 to 12 hours and then buff with a clean cotton cloth. This will be your base layer.
  • When the base coat is 'dry' to the touch, apply a lesser amount of Tung Nut Butter and repeat the process with the exception of leaving additional coatings on for less than one hour before buffing with a clean cotton cloth.
  • These thin layers will harden quickly and a minimum of 3 layers is suggested. There is no limit to the number of thin layers which may be applied. Each layer will increase the depth of luster and create greater protection from the environment.
  • Dispose of used rags carefully as there is a possibility of spontaneous combustion. Lay the rags flat until hardened prior to disposal.

350 ml / 12 oz. jar
$32.95 USD
Covers approximately 144 square feet
Shipping $7.00 Anywhere in U.S. or Canada.
Total: $39.95 USD

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