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Teak Quality Inspections
Teak Quality Inspections

For most boatyards purchasing a container of teak overseas is often too expensive and more than you require. Island Teak specializes is LCL (less than a container load) shipments of 2,000 board feet (4.7 m3) or more. We locate the quality of teak you require and you pay the provider directly.Island Teak only charges for a daily rate plus documented expenses.

Teak has its own unique grading rules and each business that provides teak for export has their own idea of what is acceptable, especially when it cannot be returned from overseas. You will be assured that most exporters only sell FEQ teak. That designation is seldom adhered to as stringently as the purchaser would like to believe.

Island Teak is available to provide onsite quality control inspection of your teak shipment prior to your final payment.

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