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Teak Decking

Residential Marine Teak Decking
Residential Marine Teak Decking

How to Order

Island Teak Residential Marine Decking is intended for exterior residential decking and to be adhered upon a 3/4" plywood sub deck in the same way a traditional boat deck is laid.

This teak decking is applied leaving 1/4" spaces between each plank which is then caulked with a polyurethane adhesive to allow for expansion and contraction in adverse weather conditions.

We provide free advice to homeowners or contractors when laying this residential marine decking.

This reclaimed teak decking originates from standing dead or down Burma Teak trees. Any natural defects such as 'bee holes' are drilled and plugged with a teak dowel. Note the two dowels in the image at left.

Teak decking specifications:
Reclaimed Burma Teak 3/8 inches thick by 3-3/4 inches wide.

Price : $20 per square foot.

Contact: Ken Chaytor  |  tel. # 250 240-4865  |  email: